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Common problems when installing wireless monitoring system
      Users in installation of wireless monitoring system will be more or less some of the problems encountered, and as a layman user facing these strange question will often be at a loss what to do, so "union of Electronic Science and technology" specifically cited several users easy to encounter the simple question. These problems can be easily solved by the user itself, so you do not need to panic to find the sales technology, after all, sometimes by their own to judge the efficiency of the more than others to help. The following is the "Union Electronic Science and technology" for all users to sum up the 3 common problems.
1, monitor display screen
Lead to monitor black screen is usually due to the absence of an input video signal, so we need to check from the camera to the link between the monitor is normal, such as check that the transmitter is short circuit, open circuit or power. Whether the camera is connected to the power.
2, watch the display of noise, or no image and sound
In this case, we should first rule out the problem of monitoring equipment and transmission equipment, see if they are normal access power, and secondly in the inspection of the transmission equipment of the frequency is consistent, whether the antenna direction is consistent, whether there is a shield between the receiver and receiver is normal, etc..
3, to monitor the display image, but the noise point
This situation can also be judged according to the second point of the inspection, in addition to the height of the antenna can be checked, because if the height of the words easily lead to the emergence of a vertical occlusion between the start of the receiver; and finally the power of the receiver to check whether the source is sinusoidal voltage.