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Several factors affecting the bandwidth of wireless transmission
      Wireless transmission technology in daily use become more skillful, whether it is one to one or one to many transmission and reception, according to the site environment judgment using suitable equipment can smooth the wireless signal from the transmitting end to the other end. But the number of transmissions is limited. Because of the impact of the bandwidth.
      There are a lot of users in the purchase of wireless transmission equipment before the question whether the value of the bandwidth of wireless transmission devices are exaggerated suspicion, these users are often faced with a number of camera configuration. Most wireless digital microwave transmission equipment can be divided into two kinds of 150M and 300M, and in the transmission scheme of the technical staff must take into account the impact of the wireless transmission, so in order to set up the number of monitoring points, how many transmission equipment need to be based on actual needs and environmental judgment.
      In simple terms, the factors that affect the transmission quality can be judged according to the following points:
1, transmission distance, whether it is the transmission of the cable or wireless transmission, in the remote process will produce a weak signal, which can be judged in the transmission distance of the case, the transmission bandwidth will be larger, and vice versa, the transmission bandwidth is small. Therefore, the number of video transmitted in the case of the distance is more than the number of video can be correspondingly increased.
2, transmission height, rather than the height of the open, after all, microwave is in line with the way transmission, must be in the open without blocking the transmission and reception, otherwise it will be the transmission effect is greatly reduced, so the higher the transmission equipment, the transmission of the environment is empty, the better transmission effect.
3, transmission environment, the so-called environment is generally refers to the interference, blocking the situation, if there is a lot of interference source is very easy to affect the transmission quality of wireless transmission equipment, the corresponding measures can be adopted to solve the problem by using a large frequency, add gain antenna, or straight away.
4, the equipment brand, not the use of technology, parts and configuration are not the same, so it is best to buy a quality assurance brand of wireless transmission equipment.
      To sum up, in the consideration of the bandwidth of the time to be combined with the situation of the environment, the production of wireless transmission equipment manufacturers, so that the expert to configure a secure wireless transmission system solutions. Union electronics has been committed to the development and application of wireless transmission equipment, from 5 kilometers to 50 kilometers of wireless transmission equipment, to ensure that the transfer of user satisfaction with the wireless transmission scheme.