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         With the continuous development of market economy and the deepening of the degree of marketization, the focus of competition among enterprises is also shifting. From product competition to brand competition, and finally to cultural competition. Products will become obsolete, the brand will be aging, only the corporate culture will make the company continue to grow and grow. If a company wants to survive and develop for a long time, it must have a certain corporate culture. Our company in the continuous exploration and development, the formation of the core values of the industry, with the characteristics of the company's corporate culture system.
Corporate culture is not produced in the air, there is the need to produce the soil and climate. Concentration of corporate culture based on reality, can very good summary of current corporate culture and spirit. At the same time, it can lead the reality, the enterprise pursues the idea of spiritual realm in the existing basis overstating, leading all the staff go to vision.
Our dream, as the definition of the union company: Taizhou union Electronics Co., Ltd. is a continuous innovation, to provide professional, efficient and reliable industrial enterprises, the company set up advanced modern technology business sense, and for our dream and struggle.
Goal, that is, the direction of our work. The use of the company's own strength platform for customer service, in order to improve customer satisfaction at the same time, improve the quality of the company's own. For customers and our bridge, to create a win-win situation.
Principle, down to earth, seeking truth from facts. Lies in the customer's daily communication, we must grasp the principle, in order to ensure that all the work has a good tone, better obtain the customer's trust. On this basis, we have a bit of innovation, with the strength to speak, the pursuit of our better prospects for development.
Management, planning and implementation, I think these three can be integrated, mutual integration. Plan, need to implement to reflect the effect of the implementation of good management can achieve the desired results. Tomorrow's work plan, second days need to be implemented, how to ensure effective implementation, which requires self-management and management. In the individual work system reflects the relationship between these three, rose to a department, and even a company, this relationship will be more obvious.
Learning, and now the company is emphasizing the importance of learning team. An employee, in the study of continuous progress, a company, in constant learning gradually to the strong. In the twenty years since the development of the company in the development of the scale, continue to grow the team, which is the company in the study of the continuous development of the company. We must always maintain the learning state of mind, and constantly improve the improvement of self. Can not be separated from a highly cohesive team. As a big team, we must need each one of us.