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What equipment is good for wireless transmission?
       When doing wireless monitoring or setting up a wireless network, we often have to face a certain problem, that is, transmission distance. And 10 km this number is neither big nor small, it is estimated to be 2 minutes walking, but with a wireless transmission is the time of the blink of an eye.
       Concord electronic for each customer to recommend a high bandwidth digital wireless video transmission equipment 5.8G wireless bridge ST58T8G-N
       ST58T8 series 802.11an 300mbps high power outdoor wireless bridge, with certification of the Ministry of industry and information technology of radio transmitting equipment type approval certificate, suitable for harsh outdoor environments of wireless networking services, deployed to provide enterprises, industrial users of a high bandwidth network connectivity and multimedia IP data transmission requirements. It is not only suitable for network transmission is also suitable for the needs of large-scale IP surveillance. ST58T8 series 1000mW 300Mbps 802.11an high power outdoor wireless bridge equipment can use the built-in or external high gain antenna to two remote nodes to carry out effective network connection, which can provide no less than the quality of the cable network transmission quality. Commonly used in 1-15 km wireless transmission project.
Example: the construction site monitoring, tower crane monitoring, park wireless monitoring, monitoring of large stadium, a large factory network, campus network and so on.
      Digital wireless transmission equipment, interface form is the RJ45 network protocol interface, suitable for transmission of data flow based on network standards. ST58T8G series devices can communicate with each other can also communicate with ST58T8VC and ST58T8VR, the actual use can be based on the actual situation of collocation to support WDS, Client, AP three kinds of work mode, suitable for transmission of large capacity data and HD video signal.