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           Xiehe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, since its establishment, the company has been engaged in, security monitoring, alarm,. Residential building intercom, road monitoring, vehicle positioning, LED lighting project, and electronic products engineering, at present more and more enterprises, factories, organs and units, use of monitoring, alarm, positioning, LED series, such as engineering and products, the company in the rapid development and growth, the prospect of the industry is optimistic. But at present, the focus is on the economic and technological competition in the fierce competition of domestic enterprises. The effective management of the company personnel, after entering the WTO, the international size companies also make a big push into China's market, participate in the economy, science and technology competition and talent competition, so that the talent competition. For Chinese enterprises, the situation is facing a more severe test,. Therefore the personnel of the enterprise loss. Routine management, products of the transformation problem has been one of the serious problems affecting the development of the domestic market demand. Example market development direction, enterprise strategic direction, brand direction, internal management system, and so on a lot of aspects. So according to the above situation, the company to develop effective implementation of scientific management system, the first science and technology oriented, innovative development of new products, the second culture of high-quality talent, the third company to customers as the center, timely after-sale service at home and as a precondition, fourth to platform company innovation absorb new talent. Align to the team as a whole, the company's development to a new platform.