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Evolution of display screen
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    LED technology has been a long history, the development of recent years is very rapid. Especially in recent years, the development and improvement of LED technology seems to achieve a peak in the long history, whether it is applied to liquid crystal display backlight light source, indoor and outdoor lighting, or indoor and outdoor information image display, LED distance of human life and the eye are getting closer, at the same time, people also know that the degree of LED is also increasing.
    LED's application is very extensive, including lighting, backlight and display, etc., which has been used for forty years. LED display is composed of a small LED module panel composed of a flat panel display, through the red, blue, green LED light-emitting tube to display text, pictures, animation and video.
    In the resolution, for the LED display screen, a self light emitting device package luminescence also known as the lamp tube is a pixel, the distance between the two beads determines the LED display in the unit area of the resolution. In the past, the overall level of micro electronics assembly technology is relatively backward, the resolution is very low LED display, once a few tens of millimeters of the point spacing, and this low resolution state lasted for some time. Not only the full color LED display screen into the market, the display of the gray level is also continuously improved, accompanied by the emergence of video control technology, the display of the dynamic display of a substantial increase.
    Prior to LED display pixel spacing is larger, the distance to see the picture of a strong sense of technology bottlenecks, LED display has been as a digital information display or advertising business promotion in outdoor light emitting heat, stop at the high-end mainstream applications. In order to expand the market and to create a diversified development of LED display, has been led display manufacturers are in the promotion of LED color display, pixel, in the elimination of LED display grainy road continuous diligence and efforts, and in recent years the results significantly, everybody is obvious to all, that is led display with small spacing of help the overall LED display industry usher in a gushing type development.
    Independent light-emitting technology, high-definition highlight high color display, high refresh frequency, seamless splicing, good cooling system, easy disassembly, low power consumption, long life and other characteristics, even in the relatively close range, the display screen is clear, no flicker and no particles. Can say, small spacing led the emergence of for the development of the entire LED industry opened the various channels to achieve the LED display industry from low-end to high-end, from outdoor to indoor complete application and market occupation.